Comparison: E-2 vs. L-1 vs. EB-5

E-2 Treaty Investor L-1 Executive EB-5 Investor
US Green Card No Yes, about 1.5 years from arriving in US Yes, about 3 months from arriving in US
Renewal Limit Unlimited Renewal 7-Year Limit; Green Card application in Year-2 Two years from arriving in US
Observed Necessary Business Investment Amount +$350,000.00 +$350,000.00 +$500,000.00
Observed Number of Direct-Hire Full Time Employees +2 +2 3 to 10, depending on EB-5 project
Nationality Limitations Only Treaty Countries, including: Canada; Egypt; Iran; Mexico; Taiwan None None
Requirements and Minimum Recommended Qualifications Require:

  • Citizen of Treaty Countries


  • Basic English Ability
  • Prior Management Experience
  • Entrepreneurial Experience
  • Trade-Related Training or Education

  • 12-Month as Manager or Executive of Foreign Company;
  • Management experience


  • Basic English Ability
  • Trade-Related Training or Education

  • Clear Proof of Source-of-Fund, and Path-of-Fund
  • No other Requirements
Possible Services Provided by Green Maple Network of Professionals
  • Corp Formation
  • Banking Set-Up
  • Business Plan Drafting
  • Accounting & Tax Reporting
  • Physical Premise Lease
  • Human Resource
  • Green Card Application 1.5 years from U.S. Landing (Not for E-2)
  • Settlement Assistance, including:
    • Vehicle;
    • Real Estate;
    • Financial Planning;
    • Insurance;

School Enrollment for children; etc.

Service Fee Please contact Green Maple directly.  We can be reached at:
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