Testimonials from our clients and service partners humble us.  The kind words being offered remind us of the professional standard we have achieved and must continue to uphold.  We appreciate very much the opportunity to serve our clients. Thank you for choosing Green Maple Law Group.

A lot of lawyers provide lip service, and clients soon find out that the lawyer really only has his own interest in mind. Attorney Danny Chen puts his heart and soul into his clients. His professionalism and honesty towards his clients shows that he puts clients first, not his self interest. Attorney Chen communicates extremely well with his clients – his Chinese and English abilities, and his understanding of what his clients need are excellent. I know that my own clients will be in safe hands when I refer them to Attorney Chen. Attorney Chen’s knowledge extends beyond just the local area – he has the necessary international awareness and cultural sensitivity to transparently communicate with clients. Attorney Chen is also very patient; he treats clients with compassion, and helps out with ancillary matters clients have. I wish that people who want to immigrate to U.S. and Canada have Attorney Chen as their lawyer. I have been defrauded by a fake lawyer before, and wish I had met Attorney Chen from the very beginning of my immigration journey. Watch the video testimony.

Business: Southern California hot rod garage specializing in the design and fabrication of custom automobiles It was very helpful having Danny guide us through the process of immigration. The E-2 Treaty Investor visa was what Danny helped us with and worked us through the whole process. The first attorney we worked with did not have a very full understanding of the system here in the United States. The company we came down to work with went bankrupted 3 months into our stay so we had to look for a new attorney. We were actually very concerned about how the interview would work and what would happen when we went back to Canada based on the fact the immigration agency allowed us to start our business – signs, website, actually have customers, then go for the interview, and have them decided whether or not it was viable for us to stay. Danny made us feel at ease because we had done all the proper steps and we went to the interview and it was actually very painless. We sailed through the interview because we were so well-prepared and were back in two days and business again, so it was great. Watch the video testimony.

What impresses me about Danny Chen is his specialty. Immigration is an extraordinarily challenging arena of the law because it’s constantly changing. Most importantly, his concern is client care.  Every client that I’ve referred to Danny has been impressed with his absolute commitment to the highest quality of the law and the highest practice of good customer care. Lawyers are not really, and shouldn’t be, legal technicians.  They should be problem solvers and personal representatives, and to do that effectively, you have to develop a relationship with the client.  This is something Danny does extremely well. Anybody can learn the law but what you can’t teach is integrity, honesty, and commitment.  These are some of the characteristics and positives that Danny brings to the table.  He brings them with him wherever he goes because this is something that he is. Watch the video testimony.

Danny is a very conscientious attorney.  But more importantly, the time and effort Danny spends on gathering facts, to analyzing these facts, to dotting all ‘I’s and crossing all ‘t’s are so important because they lead to good results. What I’ve always noticed about his communication skills is that he is even-keeled. Our clients are very emotional for the most part. They’re going through something that’s typically difficult, they’re scared and they want a good result. It helps to have somebody like Danny who is going to speak with them at a level and in a way that they understand what he’s trying to tell them.  That he’s providing them with information to make them feel better about their situation.  That he’s not raddling them up in any inappropriate way like so many attorneys do. Danny has the ability to hold their hand a little bit more through the process and help educate them on what’s going to happen next. Watch the video testimony.

Ms. Diane Mancinelli, Esq.
Business Law Attorney

Danny serves my international clients when they are in town searching for properties and also needing immigration services. Danny is very fast on responding, whether it be a phone call or a text message. Moreover, Danny speaks fluent Chinese and English, which is a tremendous help for my clients who need a lawyer that understands the U.S. system and at the same time speaks their language and understands their culture in order to explain the immigration process and to give professional option on what they need to do. I get feedbacks from my clients all the time and they all say Danny is very personable, efficient, knowledgeable, and detail-oriented. Watch the video testimony.

Ms. Cindy Hanson
California Realtor

Danny is an excellent immigration attorney that works with business visa, immigration visa, individual visa, and work visa. I had the unique opportunity to work with Danny on this one client and I was able to observe how Danny works.  He is a man of integrity, he cares a lot about his clients, he listens to what his clients’ needs are, and he tries to come up with innovative solutions. Danny could take a complicated subject like immigration and explain it into something that me, an accountant who knows nothing about immigration, can understand. In terms of business, Danny has worked from small to global law firms and that gives him the ability to interact with clients on different wavelengths. Having dealt with clients from different cultural backgrounds has allowed him to understand his clients and where they’re coming from. Watch the video testimony.

Mr. Mike Chen

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