Green Maple

These three words describe Green Maple Law Group and how we treat each and every one of our client.  We treat our clients the same way we want to be treated, with full attention and best effort.


Green Maple focuses on Immigration to the United States and Canada.  We are competent because we have years of professional experience in the field of Immigration, and because we have all personally experienced every aspect of being immigrants in Canada and the U.S.  Our experience ranges from helping investment immigrants develop oil fields and industrial seaport, to saving individuals from cruel deportation.  Click here to see some of our past projects.


Green Maple upholds professionalism over all other interests and influences.  This means we will advocate for our clients to the fullest extent possible.  Sometimes, this also means we turn people away if they do not respect the boundary of the law and the legal profession.  Click here to see what our clients say about Green Maple.


We speak with clients directly, not through third parties such as recruiters or local agents.  The information we give to our clients are communicated in the same wavelengths so that our clients fully comprehend.  We do not sugarcoat, lie or twist the facts, because our clients deserve nothing but the honest truth.  We realize some so-called professional services often offer guarantees and predict results.  We do not do so, because such guarantees cannot and do not exist under the laws governing immigration to the United States and Canada.  We offer our clients only transparent facts and professional opinions, never sales pitches. 

We encourage you to schedule an informative session with us.  It is free to talk to us, because we strongly believe that the more informed you are the better client you will be.

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