EB-5 Investor Immigrant

The EB-5 is best suited for the affluent and well-informed.  Not only does the program require substantial capital investment of US$500,000 or more, the program also requires a minimum number of full time jobs to be created.  The number of jobs to be created may vary from project to project, typically ranging from 3 employees to 10 employees.  Contact Green Maple to find out more.

Many agencies and foreign-based companies sell the vision of green card for purchase through the EB-5 program, and many more guarantee the return of investment with favorable terms.  Many of these projects are fraught with danger and hidden pitfalls that lead to loss of investment capital and US legal status.

Is EB-5 Right For Me?
It is important for our clients to understand all the available options, and make the best choice based on that understanding.  Green Maple has the following quick-reference guide to help our clients set sail for the United States.

Green Maple Cautions ALL EB-5 Candidates

  • US immigration law does not allow guarantees;
  • EB-5 is as much about job creation as it is about investment – if the investment fails, chances are the jobs were not created, and the entire family faces deportation in two years;
  • Use common sense and choose professionals wisely to help you navigate away from fraud and illegal representations – if something is too good to be true, it probably is.

How Green Maple Helps
Green Maple helps EB-5 candidates understand all the immigration risks involved.  More importantly, we examine the possibility of other US immigration paths like L-1.  The EB-5 path has its benefits, but it also has significant challenges.  We will help our clients navigate the complicated process and decide on the best options for all the family members.

Like our service for L-1 and E-2, we make available to our clients the professional network of experts in other subject matters, including professional accountants, international bankers, economists, financial analysts, and other business solution providers.

Contact us to see if the EB-5 path is right for your entire family and you.

Why Choose Green Maple

  • Professional – we are licensed US and Canadian professionals in law and immigration;
  • Wavelength – we are familiar with different business industries – see why;
  • Experienced – our professionals have handled complex immigration petitions and projects since 1991 – see our successes;
  • Localized – time permitting, we travel internationally to see our clients and understand their needs;
  • Security – we guard our clients’ trust with utmost importance and sophisticated technology – see how

Contact Green Maple to understand if the EB-5 path is the best choice for your family and you.

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