E-2 Treaty Country Investor

The E-2 is best suited for a national of a treaty country looking to invest into and manage a US business.  E-2 is ideal for clients who do not wish to obtain US Green Cards and do not mind the regular visa renewal process.

Attorney Danny Chen of Green Maple Law Group has helped many foreign nationals successfully obtain the E-2 visa.  The industries that these E-2 nationals have invested into and managed include:

  • Automotive;
  • Commercial Development;
  • Food & Beverage;
  • Electronics;
  • Lighting;
  • Law Firms & Other Professional Services

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Is E-2 Right For Me?
It is important for our clients to understand all the available options, and make the best choice based on that understanding.  Green Maple has the following quick-reference guide to help our clients set sail for the United States.

How Green Maple Helps
Green Maple helps qualify our clients for E-2 status by ensuring all the legal requirements are met.  We make sure our clients understand what the law requires of them, and assist them in complying with what is asked of them.  We prepare our clients for their interviews at US consulates, and are able to travel internationally to walk our clients through the complicated process.

Like our service for L-1 and EB-5, we make available to our clients the professional network of experts in other subject matters, including professional accountants, international bankers, economists, financial analysts, and other business solution providers.

Our E-2 clients look to us for recommendations and comprehensive solutions.  See how we have helped clients like yourself.

Why Choose Green Maple

  • Professional – we are licensed US and Canadian professionals in law and immigration;
  • Wavelength – we are familiar with different business industries – see why;
  • Experienced – our professionals have handled complex immigration petitions and projects since 1991 – see our successes;
  • Localized – time permitting, we travel internationally to see our clients and understand their needs;
  • Security – we guard our clients’ trust with utmost importance and sophisticated technology – see how

Contact Green Maple to understand if the E-2 path is the best choice for your family, your US enterprise and you.

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